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Media X is a ready-to-use, web based, mobile friendly application accessible anywhere around the world allows you capture every relevant detail about your business and brings this information to life by keeping you posted with what you need to know and when you need to take an action through automatic Email/SMS notifications and graphical reports.


Features of Media X

Local authorities

Don’t be caught off-gurad, keep track of Local authorities (Landlords, Councils, UNRA) and be notified of pending contract renewals.

MEDIA register

Keep an inventory of all your media tools. Capture installation information and keep track of campaigns running on your media.

Maintenance reports

Schedule your maintenance activities on media with ease. Capture all the work that has been done and recommend new tasks that should be done.

Client Service

Keep your market share. Be notified about client contract expiry. Keep track of client campaigns running on your billboards.


Track which campaigns are running for which client and on which media. Be notified about campaign expiry dates and free space for new campaigns.


Let your Service personnel locate media sites by click of a button. Media X provides turn by turn directions to media locations.

What’s really going on

Media X is a complete Web Application system that helps to improve the performance of Outdoor advertising and media companies. This system brings an end to the problem of Manual Information Recording. With this system, you can easily record and manage all your outdoor media data without much effort. The system has a powerful search feature which simplifies querying and finding important information as you like it.

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