What to know about the NFL’s 2018-19 schedule: Week 2

What to know about the NFL’s 2018-19 schedule: Week 2

Updated March 28, 2019 12:04:28The NFL’s schedule for 2018-2019 is shaping up to be one of the toughest in recent memory.

The league will hold its season opener on Sunday, Sept. 3, at Pittsburgh and play four regular-season games in the first week of October.

It will then go on a two-week stretch between Oct. 6-10 and Oct. 13-16.

That will stretch the league’s regular-week schedule to seven games, including the playoffs.

It also means that a full season will end after the regular-round round.

The 2018 NFL season kicks off Oct. 31, meaning a full year will be completed in less than four weeks.

The first week in October is considered bye week, and teams can return to action during that week.

The schedule also features some intriguing matchups.

The Jets will visit the Seahawks on Oct. 17, while the Patriots and 49ers will play the Bears on Oct 14.

The Jets visit the Eagles on Oct 17, and the Patriots visit the Vikings on Oct 19.

There will also be some extra contests for the Eagles, as the Eagles host the Giants on Oct 21 and the Giants host the Saints on Oct 22.

In the meantime, the Browns visit the Texans on Oct 29, and a full-season finale will be held Oct. 30.

The Texans and Browns will then have two consecutive weeks of games in which they are in the same division, which means a full regular-year schedule is complete by that point.

The Browns have one more home game against the Raiders on Nov. 8, and they will play one more road game against Baltimore on Nov 15.

The Bengals and Raiders play the Rams on Nov 22, and then the Chargers play the Texans in Week 4.

The Colts visit the Steelers on Nov 23, and Baltimore visits the Patriots on Nov 24.

The Titans visit the Bengals on Nov 26, and New England plays the Chiefs in Week 7.

The Saints visit the Chiefs on Nov 28, and Kansas City visits the Ravens in Week 9.

The Dolphins visit the Bills on Nov 30, and Miami visits the Chiefs again in Week 12.

The Patriots visit Pittsburgh on Dec. 3 and play at Indianapolis in Week 13.

The Dolphins will then play the Titans on Dec 6.

The Broncos visit the Colts on Dec 10 and play a rematch against the Colts.

The Chargers visit the Raiders and Kansas Rams on Dec 12, and play the 49ers in Week 15.

Finally, the Dolphins will visit Oakland on Dec 15, and Oakland visits the Chargers in Week 17.

The Raiders visit the Rams and the Saints in Week 20, and San Diego visits the Colts in Week 22.

The Bills visit the Broncos in Week 24, and Denver plays the Cardinals in Week 27.

The Ravens visit the Patriots in Week 30, Denver plays Pittsburgh in Week 31, and Buffalo visits the 49er in Week 34.

There are also several other matchups that will be announced at a later date.

Here is a look at some of the matchups that the league will be taking advantage of in 2018- 2019:The Steelers will host the Bills in Week 2, while they will visit New Orleans in Week 3 and Buffalo will visit Pittsburgh in the rematch in Week 6.

This will mark the first time the Steelers have faced the Bills since 2010, when they played the Rams in Week 1.

The Steelers’ only losses came to the 49ERS and the Chiefs.

They also lost to the Steelers in Week 16 of last season.

The Seahawks will visit Baltimore in Week 5, and Seattle will play at New England in Week 8.

The Patriots will then visit the Falcons in Week 10 and the Falcons will play Houston in Week 11.

The Steelers and Seahawks will play each other twice, once in Week 23 and again in the Week 26 rematch.

The 2013 meeting between the teams came in Week 21.

The Bears visit the Packers in Week 14 and play against Chicago in Week 19.

The Bears will then travel to Philadelphia to play the Eagles in Week 18 and the Eagles will visit Green Bay in Week 25.

The 49ers visit the Titans in Week 26, Chicago visits the Bears in Week 29, Minnesota visits the Packers and Dallas visits the Bills.

The Rams will play against the Bills again in 2017, but the Rams will not be in the market for another quarterback.

The Rams are expected to play in a three-game stretch during 2018- the regular season and the postseason.

The Lions visit the Dolphins in Week 33, the Packers visit the Bears again in 2018, the Bengals will visit Miami in 2019 and the Lions visit Washington in 2020.

The Packers will visit Cleveland again in 2020, and Cincinnati visits the Falcons again in 2021.

The Texans visit the Cowboys in 2021, and Dallas will play Cincinnati in 2022.

The Falcons will visit Dallas in 2022 and Houston will play New Orleans again in 2024.

The Buccaneers visit the Ravens and Miami


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